How to Make Your Characters Come to Life


Writing fiction can be a hard thing. I’ve written several novels and short stories -all of which are incomplete and unpublished. For now.

You can’t just say Anne has red hair and she says she needs to go to the store. Have you ever noticed that when you read a really good book you become somewhat attached to the characters? They’re not actually just figments of your imagination.

They are people. From your mind. You are God in this sense. You need to give them feelings, facial expressions,  thoughts, sense of style and all that jazz.

“W-what?” She whispered. Her heart felt overwhelmed with emotion, as if it could erupt at any given moment. At this point, he had no more words. He shattered her, and he knew it. For a moment he wanted to take it back but he knew there was no hope left. “Maybe you should….just…leave now.” He said quietly as his gaze shifted to floor.
“Don’t,” she choked, “don’t do this.” He didn’t say anything. She watched him, hoping for signs of remorse. He exhaled a sigh of…anger? Oh no, she thought, and a chill ran down her spine. She slowly began to back away, then his eyes shot up toward her. Her eyes widened with fear. He stood up and moved swiftly toward her. They were nose to nose. He wrapped her tightly in his arms and he could feel her whole body fiercely trembling as muffled sobs escaped her lips. She smelled of roasted vanilla. A smirk emerged, and he whispered in her ear, “Get the fuck out.”

A Gift For Someone in Need


A Gift For Someone in Need

Weekly Challenge 


Leaving a gift for a stranger is a lot like geocaching in some ways; you don’t know who left it or where it came from, or even why they chose to leave that item. All you know is that you happen to find it. What importance did this item have for the person? 

Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt. You collect coordinates from  and use a map or GPS to locate a capsule. Inside this capsule is items that people from your community or sometimes across the globe have placed inside this box for you to find.

If I were to leave a gift for a stranger, I would want it to reflect wonder, mystery,  happiness, as well as part of my personality; a gift that is useful. I might leave a book called “The Gift of Fear.” There is a lot of crime in this world and a lot of people don’t know what to do when it happens to them.

This book gives real examples of how to rely on your intuition to relieve yourself from a sticky situation. With this gift, I’d leave a note that might say something like, “The only person who can truly protect you is you. May you find solice and strength within these pages and within yourself. Let this book be your guide to protection.” It has truly helped me in more ways than I can count. Sharing that information with someone who may desperately need it is the best gift you can give.